Brwing up a Honey Wheat Beer

This will be the first actual brew with the new system... It took me longer than anticipated to set up (I had some problems with the GPIO ports on the »

The new BRWRY

Note: As of This Commit BRWRY should be at the point where you could ACTUALLY Brew Brief Background To quickly sum up the past: Started as Python-based (Django) Moved to »

Goodbye Mongo

So, what's new with BRWRY? I'm working on a new re-write of the Raspberry Pi version that removes MongoDB from the equation. MongoDB takes forever to compile on the Raspberry »


Node-Red is an awesome looking service that can be used to tie services together. I will most likely use this to communicate between the brwry hardware and the »

Upcoming Changes...

I've moved the site over from Wordpress to Ghost. I've done this because Ghost is Node.js-based and in the future I have some modifications I'd like to make on »

Storing Real-time Data in MongoDB

I'm to the point in my code that I am storing brew histories using mongodb. ┬áRight now I've got the following: Storing data every second in a fixed size array »